PSU 450 GS / PSU 450 GS dynamic

Specialist in the sawing of bent pipes

When it comes to sawing bent pipes such as sound absorber, hydroforming or exhaust pipes, the  PSU 450 GS is an outright specialist. The use of standardized fixtures and the level material table are designed to accommodate individual workpiece fixtures on which the saw entry and exit point can be freely adjusted as required. With two-handed operation as standard, convenient, safe working is possible without the need for obstructive mechanical safeguards.

PSU 450 GS

Production High-Performance Circular Saw, especially designed for cutting bent tubes:

  • Allows for individual clamping concepts thanks to standardized holding fixtures
  • Upper and lower saw stroke reversing points can be adjusted
  • Extremely sturdy clamping bridge ensures reliable work-piece clamping
  • Long stroke cylinder with stroke length 160 mm
  • Variable clamping pressure regulation
  • Micro-spraying device
  • Two-hand safety control
  • Piece counter

PSU 450 GS dynamic

Designed on the basis of the PSU 450 GS and enhanced by the following features:

  • Servo-motorized saw unit
  • Automatic cutting feed control by means of a proportional valve
  • The easy-to-operate control unit allows for memorizing profile and job data
  • Dynamic sawing: dynamic regulation of the saw feed movement for low-burr cutting of thin-walled tubes and profiles

Technical Data

ModelPSU 450 GSPSU 450 GS
Schneidbereich max.
Rectangular90°[mm]based on
based on
Sawblade diameter standard[mm]450450
Motor power[kW]3,0 / 3,67,0
RPM[min-1]6 / 12 / 24 / 486 - 70
RPM optional[min-1]12 / 24 / 48 / 9612 / 24 / 48 / 96
Weight about[kg]11001100