Automotive Aerospace Industry

Automotive Aerospace Solutions

The automotive and aerospace industries demand the highest temperature uniformity, reproducibility and reliability from a heat treatment facility. Moreover, the specified standards must be complied with throughout the industry. These standards are primarily AMS 2750E (SAE Aerospace) in the aircraft industry and CQI-9 (AIAG) for the automotive industry.

In addition to specifications for maintaining and operating furnaces, they focus on the following issues:

  • Thermocouples

    Thermocouples must be calibrated before being used for the first time. The specified accuracy requirements and application criteria such as duration of use and frequency of use must be complied with for the relevant application (as control thermocouple, SAT thermocouple, TUS thermocouple).

  • Instrumentation and instrument testing

    Instrumentation (temperature measuring and control systems) must be calibrated at regular intervals. The minimum accuracy is to be maintained.

  • SAT (System Accuracy Test)

    The complete measuring system of the temperature control system must be tested at specified intervals using a reference measurement. The measurement will be performed using a thermocouple for systems accuracy testing (SAT) and a suitable measuring instrument.

  • TUS (Temperature Uniformity Survey)

    The temperature uniformity specified in AMS 2750 and the qualified furnace in CQI-9 is to be proven at specified intervals.

  • All tests and surveys must be documented and traceability ensured

EBNER meets or exceeds these quality criteria with its heat treatment facilities for the dominant materials such as aluminum in the aerospace industry and steel and aluminum in the automotive industry.

EBNER is also the right company for upgrading existing furnace facilities to meet automotive and aerospace industry specifications. We would be pleased to assess your furnace facility and compile an upgrade package for the mechanical components, instrumentation and control system, including all documentation, installation and commissioning.

Regardless of whether material needs to be processed in coil-form, as a continuous strip or in plate-form, EBNER can supply a furnace facility tailored to each customer's specific needs.

Automotive / Aerospace Solutions heat treatment facilities for strip, coils, sheet and plates for the aluminum industry

HICON® floater furnaces for annealing strips

HICON® roller-hearth furnaces for solution annealing or recrystallizing plates and sheet

HICON® pusher-type furnaces for reheating and homogenizing

HICON® soaking pit furnaces for reheating and homogenizing

HICON® batch-type furnaces for reheating and homogenizing

HICON® single-coil overhead furnaces for annealing strip coils

HICON® batch-type furnaces for aging and tempering plates and sheets

HICON® batch-type furnaces for annealing strip, foil coils and profiles

HICON® batch-type furnace for homogenizing extrusion billets

HICON® drop-bottom furnace for solution treating sections and tube

Automotive Aerospace Solutions heat treatment facilities for components, plates, strips and coils for the steel industry

HICON/ H2Q® CAL continuous annealing lines
World's first 100% hydrogen H&T line for automotive steel with H2 jet quench

hotPHASE® (HOT Press Hardening Automotive Solutions by EBNER)
heat treatment facilities for press-hardening in the form of roller-hearth furnaces or multi-level batch-type furnaces

HICON/H2® bell annealers
bright annealing facilities for strip and wire coils of non-alloyed to high-alloyed steel and copper alloys

HICON/H2® bright annealing lines
continuous annealing lines for processing non-alloyed to high-alloyed steel strip, such as Cr and CrNi alloys, special NiFe alloys, titanium etc., and coated steel strip

HICON® hardening and tempering lines
continuous hardening and tempering lines for unalloyed and low-alloyed carbon steels and martensitic stainless steels

Kontinuierliche Continuous galvanizing and annealing lines for car body strip (entire heat treatment section or upgrades of component groups)

Roller-hearth furnaces
annealing facilities for non-alloyed to high-alloyed steel tube and bar stock