BEHRINGER Swing frame Bandsaws SLB

A trustworthy partner for workshops and plants.

Proven thousands of time over, reliable and economical. The swing frame band sawing machines of the SLB series by BEHRINGER.

The SLB bandsawing machines from BEHRINGER: A trustworthy partner for workshop and plants. Suitable for cutting tubes, profiles and solid materials made of metal and comparable plastics. Competitive pricing, precision made components, and impressive power. See for yourself.


  • Mitre cuts are possible from + 30° to – 45°
  • Scale for setting the exact angle
  • Clamping of the saw frame with a quickly-tension lever
  • Downfeed control by a hydraulic flow control valve
  • Automatic height-setting of the saw frame above the material
  • Frequency controlled sawblade drive (optional)
  • Exact cutting


  • NC-length measuring system
  • Fedding gripper with a hydraulic moving system
  • Double clamping vise
  • Storage capacity of 99 jobs (sets)

Technical Data

ModelCutting rangeMitre right
90° round90° flat
W x H
45° round45° flat
W x H
SLB230G240280 x 210185180 x 140
SLB230DG240310 x 200175170 x 170
SLB230DG semi-automatic240310 x 200175170 x 170
SLB240G semi-automatic260370 x 260260260 x 260
SLB240A260270 x 260--
ModelMitre rightMitre left
30° round30° flat
W x H
45° round45° flat
W x H
SLB230G115110 x 110--
SLB230DG110100 x 140150145 x 125
SLB230DG semi-automatic110100 x 140150145 x 125
SLB240G semi-automatic180180 x 180--

All data in mm