BEHRINGER Large Bandsaws with Roller Conveyor

HBP1100 - HBP1500 / HBP1100A - HBP1500A


Universal machines that pack a punch

High-performing workhorses designed to address the specific needs of steel finishers and the steel trade – automatic and semi-automatic large bandsaws are available from BEHRINGER

As flexible as you are
The large-scale universal machines from BEHRINGER can handle any job that is needed. Their expertise: Handling heavy-duty workpieces with ease and slicing through the material with extreme cutting performance. When processing long solid workpieces – rolled or rough turned – or processing large pipes, these benefits make for dramatic improvements in productivity. Round or rectangular – the results are equally impressive.

Semi-automatic variants
In the BEHRINGER semi-automatic models, the material is positioned by eye, for instance with the aid of a line laser. For longer cut piece lengths, we recommend using a measuring device for precise positioning.

Automatic machines
The use of a feed gripper allows automatic sawing of solid material or pipes.

Technical Data

ModelCutting rangeClamping width minimumFeed length
single stroke
90° round90° flat W x H
HBP110011001100 x 1100100 
HBP1100-150011001500 x 1100300 
HBP1100-180011001800 x 1100400 
HBP1100-210011002100 x 1100500 
HBP150015001500 x 1500300 
HBP1100A11001100 x 1100100400
HBP1100-1500A11001500 x 1100300400
HBP1500A15001500 x 1500300400