Process coupling: Analog and digital inputs (HarmonizedCode:84733080, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Artikelnr: 10.123020
16A+16D channels, 25kHz, Individual modules - Basic unit, 25 kHz, 19" ibaRackline case version 3 HU with pluggable analog and digital modules. --> with protective admission (CATII)!

Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: iba AG
  • Parallel Analog Digital Unit can be customized individually with:
    - max. 16 analog input modules (1 analog input per module)
    - max. 2 digital input modules (8 digital inputs per module)
  • Synchronous sampling rate max. 40µs
    (synchronization between measuring systems possible)
  • Power supply Unit: 115V to 250V AC and 110V DC,
    Tolerance +/-20%, 40W
  • Digital galvanic isolation 2.5kV DC
  • LEDs (2x3) on front panel
  • Mode switches (2) on front panel
  • 2 bidirectional optical fiber links to iba module:
    FOB 4i/4o (max. 2x Padu16-M per FON 4i/4o)
  • 2x V24 interface for firmware updates and calibration onside
  • Rugged metal case (19" rack mounted device 3 HU )
  • Additional order information:
  • Analog and digital input modules are to be ordered separately
  • Connectors for analog signals from Harting
    multichannel jacks for analog inputs (4x4 AI)
  • Connectors for digital signals from Phoenix
    2 connectors, 8 DI each
  • Status:on request