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Utbildning basnivå ibaAnalyzer-DB

  • Inriktning:
  • Andra områden som berörs:
    ibaDatCoordinator, Report generator
  • Målgrupp:
    Ingenjörer processindustri, underhållstekniker, produktionspersonal och kvalitetsingenjörer/tekniker, vilka vill utöka och undersöka analysmöjligheterna i ibaAnalyzer
  • Artikelnr: 61.000910T

    Basic Course ibaCapture - In the training "ibaCapture" the basics to run and administrate ibaCapture will be covered.

    Course contents:

    • Introduction and configuration of ibaCapture
    • Assumptions for the use of syncronisation with ibaPDA including Videotriggers
    • Manage and configure cameras through ibaCapture
    • Manage and handle the video data
    • The interface of ibaCapture to ibaPDA
    • Stream Video in ibaPDA
    • Introduction how to build Video HMI with ibaQpanel
    • "From" ibaCapture "to" ibaAnalyzer, analyze the PDA data togheter with capture video
    • Create a report with pictures from Capture
    • Clean up functionallity of video data
    • License model

    Special Remark:

    • The mentioned price includes lunch and is only valid in case of courses in the iba-training centre Falun, by realisation of inhouse-courses with the customer, he is to be informed about the prices on request.
    • Each participant will get a training certificate