Quality Documentation

Quality Documentation

Quality Documentation

For documenting automated production systems and processes, quality data characteristics and calculated analytical values need to be stored in a reliable quality management system. With the iba system, customer specific reports can be automatically generated per product and/or process along with extracting these values into an open database format for storage and long-term historical trending and analysis.

Business Benefits

  • Calculate analytical values
  • Create production and quality reports
  • Determine root cause of quality defects

Automate statistical Calculations

With ibaPDA, product-related measurement data are stored in data files. ibaAnalyzer and ibaDatCoordinator can comprehensively and automatically calculate characteristic values and quality data using high-resolution data from ibaPDA.

ibaAnalyzer-DB allows for further aggregating the measured data as length- or time-related values and storing them, along with the calculated analytical values, in databases.

Generate Quality Documentation automatically

Once production of a product is complete, customer-specific reports containing the measured data and calculated statistical data can be automatically generated via user-defined templates created in ibaAnalyzer. These reports can be easily stored and emailed in a number of formats (e.g. PDF, HTML, XPS, etc).

With ibaAnalyzer-DB the measured data and calculated statistics can be stored in a database for long-term analysis and cross-product documentation. Therefore, the iba system can be a powerful, flexible, and easily-implemented reporting system.

Example configuration for Quality Documentation