BEHRINGER Large bandsaws HBP

HBP large band saw series - Precision meets power

Solid materials such as slabs, cast blocks or freeform forgings – the giants from BEHRINGER will handle any challenge it must face. The portal design of the machine concept is the most recognizable feature of the BEHRINGER large bandsaws.

Users also benefit from the modular design concept, which allows nocompromise individual adjustments to specific machining requirements.

Technical Data

BEHRINGER HBP Gantry bandsaws

ModelCutting rangeClamping width minimumTable sizeFeed length
single stroke
90° round90° flat W x HL x B
HBP1100 GANTRY11001100 x 11001006500 x 12005000
HBP1100-1500 GANTRY11001500 x 11004006500 x 12005000
HBP1100-1800 GANTRY11001800 x 11004006500 x 15005000
HBP1100-2100 GANTRY11002100 x 11005006500 x 18005000
HBP1500 GANTRY15001500 x 15004006500 x 12005000
HBP1500-1800 GANTRY15001800 x 15004006500 x 15005000
HBP1500-2100 GANTRY15002100 x 15005006500 x 18005000
HBP1800 GANTRY18001500 x 11004001800 x 18005000
HBP1800-2100 GANTRY18002100 x 18005006500 x 18005000
HBP2100 GANTRY21002100 x 21005006500 x 18005000

BEHRINGER HBP Semi-automatic and automatic bandsaws

ModelCutting rangeClamping width minimumFeed length
single stroke
90° round

90° flat 
W x H

HBP110011001100 x 1100100-
HBP1100-150011001500 x 1100300-
HBP1100-180011001800 x 1100400-
HBP1100-210011002100 x 1100500-
HBP150015001500 x 1500300-

BEHRINGER HBP Tabletop bandsaws

ModelCutting rangeClamping width min.Table sizeFeed length
single stroke
90° round90° flat
W x H
L x B
HBP1100T11001100 x 11001003000 x 12002000
HBP1100-1500T11001500 x 11004003000 x 12002000
HBP1100-1800T11001800 x 11004003000 x 15002000
HBP1500T15001500 x 15004003000 x 12002000
HBP1500-1800T15001800 x 15004003000 x 1500200