BRAUN Abrasive cut-off machines

Metal products must be cut at various stages of their manufacturing process - from strand or slab casting to conditioning and finishing. In addition to dividing product material into intermediate and finished lengths, the workpiece ends are cropped and sample pieces must be cut. This is not as simple as it may sound, as demanding, application-specific criteria have to be fulfilled. BRAUN has the optimum cutting technology, machines, and expertise for a broad spectrum of metal cutting applications. 

In terms of abrasive cut-off machines BRAUN offers various cutting methods, depending on the type, shape and size of the material to be cut as well as the specific application (e.g. stand-alone machine or machine integrated in a line for continuous production in a rolling mill). The cutting method will significantly determine the design of the abrasive cut-off machine and the movements of the cut-off wheel and the material to be cut.

Abrasive cut-off machines work quickly and precisely, producing clean cutting edges.

BRAUN is a specialist for cut-off machines with cutting wheels in dimensions from 500 to 2050 mm.

Abrasive cutting - an advanced and flexible technology

  • extremely clean and fast
  • excellent quality of the cut-off material
  • quick and easy retooling
  • maximum throughput, also in case of continuous operation
  • minimum noise level
  • universally applicable, even for very hard steels and nonferrous metal alloys,
  • as well as critical materials (such as titanium)
  • cutting of the workpiece in hot or cold state
  • flexible machine conception - proven design also for flat foundations
  • dry cutting without emulsion for almost all applications
  • fully automatic operation including visualization and data logging
  • separation of scrap pieces according to grades (e.g. to alloys)

Machine design versions

  • chop cutting (for single bars and narrow layers)
  • traverse cutting (for wide layers, slabs, plates and sheets)
  • rotary cutting (for tubes)
  • index cutting (for workpieces having a large diameter)

BRAUN - competence of abrasive cutting

  • more than 260 abrasive cut-off machines delivered worldwide since 1965
  • permanent and targeted research & development
  • numerous patents and developments, cut-off wheel release mechanism, dry cutting technology, constant-performance cutting, etc.)
  • intensive cooperation with major tool manufacturers  (TYROLIT, RAPPOLD and NORTON use BRAUN abrasive cut-off machines for their own R&D)
  • large-scale trial and demonstration plant at the BRAUN premises