AGTOS Genomloppsbläster med rullbana

AGTOS Roller conveyor blast machine

AGTOS Blästring

The AGTOS Product Range

We offer our standard program of roller conveyor blast machines in processing widths ranging from 1000mm to 3200mm. 

The choice of the appropriate machine concept depends on your work pieces, the required level of performance and ­ last but not least ­ on your specific needs regarding an optimized production process.

In the event that a standard model does not meet your surface preparation needs, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine concept for you.

Our team of experts welcomes your detailed questions and looks forward to helping you!



All roller conveyor blast machines operate in a similar way.
The work pieces first activate a switching threshold positioned in front of the blasting area’s entry vestibule. This automatically releases abrasive to the already running high-performance turbines. This ensures that blasting takes place only when work pieces are actually in the blasting zone.

The entry vestibule is equipped with wear-resistant rubber curtains that prevent the escape of abrasive. The vestibule is sealed on the bottom by an adjustable scraper brush. After passing through the blasting zone, work pieces enter a combined brush-off and blow-off zone. Excess abrasive remaining on the work piece surfaces is removed and returned to the abrasive process loop.

The blasting abrasive is continuously cleaned, recirculated and reused. An abrasive metering device feeds the cleaned abrasive from the abrasive storage bunker to the high-performance turbines.

A fan unit creates the partial vacuum necessary to maintain dust-free operation of the blasting unit. Extracted air is cleaned in a special filter unit.

AGTOS Roller conveyor blast machine

AGTOS Blästring

Capabilities and applications

Roller conveyor blast machines are used to remove scale and rust from metal profiles and sheet metal components. By combining a roller conveyor with the appropriate crossover conveyors, individual process steps such as blasting, conservation, sawing and drilling can be interlinked. This ensures a flexible manufacturing process and high material output.

Another field of application for the roller conveyor blast machine is the blasting of large machine constructions. In cases such as these, the arrangement of the blast turbines and passageways is adapted to the size of the work pieces.

AGTOS Blästring


AGTOS Blästring

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