SLF Blästerskåp

Blästersystem, blästring, SLF Bläster



Small workpieces cannot be econimically blast cleaned in large blastrooms. For this reason we plan, design and manufacture also hand blast cabinets in different sizes and designed either as suction blast cabinet or pressure blast cabinet.

These blast systems feature a cabinet housing with loading/unloading door, maintenance door and arm holes with special wear resistant gloves, a media recovery and reclamation system as well as a dust collector and a control cabinet.

Depending on the application, we modify our blast cabinets customised

  • manually or automatically driven rotary tables
  • rotary drums
  • nozzle oscillation for semi-automatic mode
  • extendable loading/unloading station

Advantages of our blast cabinets at a glance:

  • customised machine concept
  • many comfortable and flexible optional features available
  • installation does not require foundation
  • quick installation
  • suitable for all types of blast media


SLF Blastrooms, SLF Blasting Systems, SLF Sweden, Blästerskåp 
Hand blast cabinet with automatic turntable

SLF Blastrooms, SLF Blasting Systems, SLF Sweden, Blästerskåp
Hand blast cabinet with filter unit in compact design

SLF Blastrooms, SLF Blasting Systems, SLF Sweden, Blästerskåp
Interior view of hand blast cabinet with gloves, lighting and turn table