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HICON hardening and tempering lines.

EBNER‘s innovative and future-safe developments in continuous hardening and tempering technology are recognized worldwide and set new standards in maximizing product quality and cost effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

Continuous in-line hardening and tempering of unalloyed and low-alloy carbon steel as well as martensitic Cr steel strip using hydrogen quench systems or molten metal quench technology with cooling gradients of up to 600 K/s is a process that has won worldwide acceptance.

Non-alloy and low alloy carbon steel strips are transformed using the following technologies:

  • martempering – with leveling and tempering
  • austempering – to achieve bainite microstructure
  • patenting to achieve pearlite microstructure

Stainless Cr steel strip is transformed into martensite using a martempering process.

The martensite structure is formed in 2 steps with rapid cooling and hardening in the quench system followed by transformation to martensite in an air cooler, a process that has considerable advantages over quenching in oil, particularly with regard to strip flatness and surface finish.

Isothermal transformation such as austempering and patenting – and thus the combination of all 4 processes in a single line – is possible by changing the configuration of the facility components.

The extremely powerful hydrogen quench (HICON/H2Q technology) also allows wide and thick carbon steel strip to be processed.

The facility can be implemented to comply with the standards required by the automotive industry, in accordance with CQI-9 (AIAG).

Strapping band

For this special application, where steel strip is austempered, a heating section featuring conductive heating and an energy-saving strip quench (also available in a lead-free design) are used.


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