New paths of innovation

Striving for perfected functionality and quality is one of the most important elements of EBNER's lasting success and a major factor in ensuring the higher productivity and more economical operation of EBNER's heat treatment facilities.



The decision to introduce new ideas and EBNER's well-known quality to the market of continuous galvanizing and annealing lines brought with it extensive analysis of the weaknesses of existing facilities.

Discussions with numerous operators in Europe and the US resulted in a number of issues which EBNER then investigated in-depth.

One major point was the burner/radiant tube system, especially the service life of the new double-P radiant tubes. Analysis of the burner/radiant tube system soon demonstrated that the burner has to be designed to suit the radiant tube and that these modifications to the radiant tube can increase service life.




THE BURNER - developed out of necessity

Up to the challenge

Industrial furnaces are constantly having to meet higher and higher requirements. On the one side are aspects of efficiency such as improved facility availability, higher outputs and better product quality, while on the other, increasingly strict environmental regulations have to be fulfilled.

This dilemma eventually led to EBNER developing ECOBURN in the absence of a product on the market that was designed to meet these requirements.

EBNER burner technology -

70 years of experience creating perfection

A totally new burner design was based on a broad range of specialized technical knowledge. The burner was refined at the testing rig in the lab and approved for series production following a long-term endurance test under operating conditions.

This type of burner, manufactured in EBNER's workshops, is highly successful in heat treatment furnace facilities around the world