EBNER HICON/H2Q CAL Continuous Annealing Lines

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HICON/H2Q CAL continuous annealing lines.


Continuous hydrogen annealing lines for automotive steels, with H2Q quench technology.

EBNER‘s reputation as the most innovative and competitive full-solution provider has been underlined yet again with this worldwide innovation: a continuous annealing line with 100 % hydrogen atmosphere and 100 % hydrogen quench (H2Q) in place of a water quench.

The facility has 20 times the throughput of a conventional hardening and tempering line for carbon steels, along with improved quality, increased flexibility and the capability of processing a larger range of strip dimensions. The horizontal version achieves a throughput of 18 t/h, with even higher throughputs possible with our vertical design.

The HICON/H2Q continuous annealing line (CAL) from EBNER, with its state-of-the-art quench, can process AHSS grades including DP, TRIP, martensitic, Q&P and other grades from 580 – 1700 MPa yield strength with incomparable flatness.

In detail

With decades of experience in both hydrogen atmosphere processing and the heat treatment of automotive steel, EBNER is a global market leader and has earned a reputation for quality and safety in hydrogen processing.

The hydrogen quench is a revolution in precisely controlled cooling. Incredibly high cooling gradients in excess of 200 K/s.mm, plus the ability to interrupt quenching and then control the temperature at a technologically advantageous level, ensure that our customers achieve the highest throughputs. Furthermore, they have a variety of options to further transform the material microstructure.

The best material

One annealing line – three technologies

  • >200 K/s.mm cooling rate in the quench
  • precise cooling across the entire strip profile, width and length
  • excellent flatness and cleanest surface finish
  • unique quench settings for UHSS/AHSS, as well as next generation AHSS
  • up to 100% martensite
  • dual phase steel with a variable volume fraction of ferrite and martensite
  • TRIP and complex phase steel with variable volume fraction of martensite, bainite, retained austenite and ferrite
  • 580 – 1700 Mpa strength


Värmebehandling Stålindustri

Värmebehandling Stålindustri