EBNER HOTPHASE Roller-hearth Furnace for Blanks

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HOTPHASE roller-hearth furnace for blanks

Press hardening and hot forming combine the advantages of the best ductility with the highest tensile strength.

Only the most modern technology meets the high quality standards of automotive suppliers.

EBNER HOTPHASE furnaces are efficient, precise, and durable.

Complex structural parts with a tensile strength in excess of 1500 MPa set new standards in lightweight automotive design, as well as in crash test performance.

HOTPHASE furnaces offer impressive flexibility and precise process atmosphere and temperature control, the tightest temperature tolerances within the heated blanks, highest availability thanks to rugged construction and very straightforward maintenance. Several heating systems are available: gas-fired radiant tubes, hybrid systems combining gas-fired radiant tubes and electric heating elements, and 100 % electric heating systems with or without radiant tubes. We can help our customers choose the most economical heating system for their facility.

The facility is designed to comply with the standards required by the automotive industry, in accordance with CQI-9 (AIAG).

Advantages of the EBNER design

  • SISIC radiant tube heating above and below the rollers for uniform temperature distribution to the blanks.
  • Long service life without bearing cooling system.
  • Double roller seal for a low workload space dewpoint.
  • Blank centering mechanism and lifting mechanism; settings can be quickly and easily adjusted.
  • Fully-automatic valve stand.
  • COS and analyzers supervise the furnace atmosphere, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and best quality.
  • Fully-automated dewpoint control system ensures a constant dewpoint and optimizes consumption.
  • Tailored tempering processing has been available in three different applications since 2010, for coated and uncoated blanks. Differential Heating, Differential Cooling, Contact Cooling PACC.

Technical data

  • Nominal width: 1900 mm or 2500 mm
  • Heated length: from 7640 mm to 45,840 mm
  • Throughput: 6 t/h
  • Cycle time: 8 s
  • Heating systems:
  • Gas-fired radiant tubes
  • Hybrid heating (gas and electric heated)
  • Electric heated with or without radiant tubes


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