SLF Sidewall swivelling lifting platforms

Maximum flexibility for your process - with SLF swivelling lifting platforms


Our swivelling lifting platforms are suited for the use in cleaning booths, blastrooms, zinc spraying rooms and paint spraying systems.

Swivelling lifting platforms swing out to 2,860 m (front edge of platform cage) and possess a load capacity of 250 kg. With our standard lifting platforms we can equip booths with a height of up to 8.5 m. For booths beyond this height we offer special designed platforms.

The large platform cage of 2,150 x 825 mm enables comfortable working even with two operators on a lifting platform.

Numerous optional equipment features

We are able to equip our swivelling lifting platforms with numerous options to optimally adapt them to your requirements: from folding guardrails and collision prevention systems in the area of escape doors, storage trays for paint containers and paint spraying devices to special connections e. g. for compressed air or for power tool dust extraction.

Further advantages at a glance: 

  • electric drives with explosion protection for use in paint spraying systems
  • drives are installed outside the direct working area
  • simultaneous travelling and working is possible
  • no tripping hazards for the operator as floor rails are not necessary
  • optimum wear protection for lifting platform in blast rooms