The only wear free machine in its class.
Highest precision in the category.
Aesthetic appeal that is unmatched.
Artikelnr: TAURUS

TAURUS - the ideal machining center for the following applications:

Steel Construction; frames, railway bogies, fixtures, housings
Gearboxes, turbine housings, pump housings, printing machine parts
Machine tool components; machine beds, saddles, spindle housings
Engine blocks, base frames
Tooling, aerospace & die components; fixtures, mandrels, form dies
Ideally suited for machining: steel, aluminum, titanium, cast iron, composites, all types of exotic alloys
and for Your application.




  • Spindle power 63 kW
  • Robust design of cast iron parts with hydrostatic guideways
  • Perfect size-/geometrical ratio of the guideways
  • Optimized drive concept for best milling conditions
  • Flexible spindle unit range for all applications


  • Frictionless guideways, no stick-slip
  • Stable machine geometry, always possible to re-establish by re-levelling
  • Cast iron components and hydrostatic design for stability
  • High total system damping characteristics
  • Extremely high inherent geometric accuracy to reduce the need for electronic compensation


  • No wear hydrostatic, guideways
  • Superior machine damping characteristics improves tool life and lowers spindle work load
  • More tolerant to machine impacts
  • Proven WALDRICH COBURG technology in action


"We build machines the right way!"


Major machine components made from high quality cast iron provide superior damping characteristics.
Castings are constructed with thick walls and strong ribbing to guarantee stability and rigidity. Stiffness and damping are the basic criteria for high productivity and precision.

All guideways are true hydrostatic pump-per-pocket-design with zero contact of sliding components. This results in no wear, high dynamic stiffness, and smooth motion for trouble free operation.

Absolute measuring scales,state of the art digital drives, and optimized mechanical drive components allow for precise motion control.


Sixteen hydrostatic pockets encapsulate the TAURUS-RAM creating tremendous stiffness and smooth precise linear motion.

The RAM has an integrated C-axis with infinitely variable positioning. During roughing operations the C-axis is clamped in position.
The 5-axis machining package adds multi-axis contour milling capabilities.


The machining process is supported by the excellent damping properties of highly precise wear free hydrostatic guideways.
The temperature of the hydrostatic oil is maintained based on the temperature of the surrounding environment, allowing the machine to maintain its accuracy
even in changing ambient conditions. Additional power-hungry temperature control devices can be eliminated. The machine remains accurate even in an unfavorable environment.


The latest digital drive technology and absolute measuring systems enable energy-optimized operation with high precision and low maintenance.
Energy recovery has been in use on WALDRICH COBURG machines for decades. The space optimized X-axis transmission is designed and built by WALDRICH COBURG.
With almost all parts manufactured in-house, spare parts can be supplied even after many years of operation.


Energy efficient design to minimize operating costs.
Optimized ergonomics and innovative systems for interactive production support
Strategic initial investment, low operating costs, and high productivity result in the best price - performance ratio.


Technical Data

  • Infinitely variable positioning of the C-axis    +/- 200°
  • Power max.    63 kW
  • Torque    1.500 - 2.500 Nm
  • RPM max.    6.000 min-1
  • Feed rate X / Y / Z    30 m/min
  • Wear free Hydrostatic guideways in X / Y / Z / W  (20 years warranty, available as part of a maintenance contract)
  • Number of tool storage pockets     100
  • Number of storage places for spindle units     4
  • Load, max. (table/pallet)    40.000 / 25.000 kg
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Available Controls: Heidenhain TNC 640, Siemens 840 Dsl
  • Options:
    • Twin pallet changer

    • Tool magazine extended to 200 tools

    • Production packages

    • In-process measurement

    • High pressure coolant system


  • Table size:    2.000 x 4.000 mm
  • Clearance between table/pallet and vertical spindle unit:    2.000 / 1.700 mm
  • Clearance width (between portal columns):     2.500 mm
  • X / Y / Z:    5.000 / 3.500 / 1.500 mm
  • Fixed crossrail


  • Table size:    2.500 x 5.000 / 2.800 x 5.000 mm
  • Clearance between table/pallet and vertical spindle unit:    3.000 / 2.700 mm
  • Clearance width (between portal column covers):     3.000 mm
  • X / Y / Z / W:    6.000 / 4.000 / 1.500 / 2.000 mm
  • NC feeding crossrail:    2.000 mm

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