We provide a vital and unique function to your everyday sawing operation. BEHRINGER offers the world’s largest range of high-performance band and circular saws for the steel and metalworking industry.

You can expect first-class products, benefiting from an extensive pool of expertise and skill accumulated from over 90 years of experience in the industry. We strive to satisfy all of our customers on every front. Whatever it is you are planning – we will be right behind you!

Whether it is single pieces, bundles, or fixed lengths, Behringer high-performance mitre bandsaws make short work of your sawing assignments. We offer saws in every cutting range as well as most angle requirements. Along with their outstanding performance, our machines are all designed to offer maximum precision and operating simplicity.

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Kapkapacitet 90° runt (mm) : 320
Kapkapacitet 90° platt (B x H i mm) : 350x320
HBE Dynamic - Behringers serie av dynamiska och högpresterande sågar med prestanda och energiförbrukning som ligger i topp i detta segment.
HBE är väldigt mycket såg för pengarna... år efter år efter år.....

Pos 18 - Positionering av enskild kap

HBE Pos 18
Pos 18 - Positioning of single cuts

Pos 32 - Automatisk matningskontroll med bladvinkelsavikelse kontroll

HBE Pos 32
Pos 32 - Auto feed control with blade deflection monitor option

Pos 38 - Servostyrd nedmatningskontroll (Standard)

HBE Pos 38
Pos 38 - Downfeed control with servo drive (Standard)

Pos 105 - Spiralspånskruv

HBE Pos 105
Pos 105 - Spiral swarf conveyor

Pos 160 - Trycklyftshandtag för bortblåsning av spån

HBE Pos 160
Pos 160 - Spray pistol to clean the swarf