Introducing: Polytec ProSpeed ​​™ LSV-2100.

den 14 november 2019

The ProSpeed ​​™ LSV-2100 is a precise, non-contact speed and length measurement tool. These types of measurements are critical for controlling the production of continuous materials, sheet materials and piece goods in the metals, cable and converting industries.

ProSpeedTM laser sensors eliminate common problems of traditional contact-wheel measurement methods such as damage to delicate surfaces, slippage and thermal expansion on almost any surface. The optical sensor determines the direction of motion and standstill conditions, with extended stand-off distances of up to 3 m, adding flexibility for measurements under harsh conditions.

The benefits of ProSpeed ​​™ LSV-2100: 

  • Easy process integration with long stand-off distances up to 3 m 
  • Transparency thanks to the enhanced connectivity
    (web interface, Ethernet, field bus protocols) 
  • Multi user access (3 via Ethernet + 1 serial) 
  • No recalibration required 
  • Determines direction of motion and standstill 
  • Visible laser for easy alignment 
  • Robust sensor technology

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