SLF DARC®-oven

DARC® - Mörkt strålningskonvektion



The DARC® technology is a method developed by us that uses a heating up process in powder enamelling furnaces and paint dryers based on a mix of convection (circulating air) and long wave infrared radiation, the so-called “dark radiation”.

Thanks to the functional principle, the application of a DARC® furnace provides many benefits compared to a conventional circulating air furnace.

Advantages of the DARC® technology at a glance:

  • economic drying and enamelling of paints on large, heavy and three dimensional workpieces
  • up to five times higher energy transmission onto the workpieces
  • reduction of workpiece heating-up times by up to 70 %
  • space-savings thanks to reduced holding space inside the oven
  • quicker heating-up and enamelling times than in conventional circulating air furnaces
  • combination of very thick and very thin material thicknesses is possible
  • simultaneous enamelling of different poweder coat colours without mixing

Areas of application of the DARC® technology:

  • chamber furnace
  • continuous furnace
  • booster
  • dryer for liquid coatings
  • dryer for cataphoretic paints
  • adhesive water dryer
  • tempering furnace