NOBAG Slitting lines

NOBAG Slittlinjer

NOBAG Standard slitting lines are striking for their functionality and design and offer the best price-performance ratio.

NOBAG slitting lines, since 1919


Coils produced in rolling mills are slit on slitting lines to narrow strands. They are the pre-product for punching and bending of final goods like razor blades, hose clips, flat cables and connectors for electronic wires, automotive stampings, rotor and stator lamination of electro motors, and many other goods.

NOBAG slitting lines fulfill the highest requirement regarding edge quality, precision, and productivity. Each slitting line is customized to the individual needs of the customer.

Range of Usage

  • ALL types of metals, coated metals, Sandwich materials, Carbon materials (Prepregs), special materials
  • Coil weights up to 15 tons
  • Coil width up to 1250 mm
  • Strip width 0.5 - 1250 mm
  • Strip thickness 0.02 - 4.00 mm
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NOBAG - Compact

NOBAG - Compact
Standard slitting line Strip thickness: 0.03 – 0.8mm Strip width: 0.5 – 200mm. Max coil weight 250kg.

NOBAG - Ergo

Standard slitting line Strip thickness: 0.03 – 1.0mm Strip width: 0.5 – 300mm Max coil weight 1000kg.


Standard slitting line Strip thickness: 0.05 – 1.5mm Strip width: 4 – 300mm Max coil weight 2000kg.