SLF Process water treatment

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The cleaning process in cleaning booths inevitably produces large quantities of waste water, which after a prior treatment can be directed into the canalization. However, this is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. As the cleaning solution is in most cases only contaminated by a low rate of dirt, it can be used several times.

A multiple use saves expenses on the cleaning agent and conserves natural resources. For the multiple use of the cleaning agent, foreign substances have to be removed to the greatest possible extent from the process water. This is performed in our process water treatment unit.

Process water treatment units as a perfect addition to your cleaning booth

Choosing the suitable process water treatment unit depends on the impurities such as oils, greases, dirt particles or cooling lubricant emulsions which are absorbed by the process water during the cleaning process.

As soiling of the components varies, no general statement about the necessary treatment method can be given previously. For this reason, our system is designed as a basic version that can be completed by different options and adapted to the respective process water.

Modular design adapted to your requirements

In the basic version, the compact system consists of a modular designed basin with 3 chambers made of stainless steel incl. installed basin heating, chemical dosage unit, booster pump with fine filter and high-pressure pump.

Options for the process water treatment unit:

  • belt filter
  • oil separator
  • microfiltration unit



SLF Blastrooms, Rengöringsprocesser, SLF Blasting Systems, SLF Sweden
Compact process water treatment unit design at customer's site

SLF Blastrooms, Rengöringsprocesser, SLF Blasting Systems, SLF Sweden
Process water treatment as addition to cleaning booths

SLF Rengöringsprocesser, Blastrooms, SLF Blasting Systems, SLF Sweden
Process water treatment unit in stainless steel design