LANKHORST Storageblocks & Oiltrays


Not all coils are stored in multiple levels. Sensitive material may not be stacked due to the risk of damage. Sometimes regular coils are stored temporarily awaiting further processing and slit coils are usually too narrow for stacking.

For these applications Lankhorst Mouldings have developed a wide range of KLP® Storageblocks and KLP® Oiltrays. These are V-shaped coil pads that can easily be installed in any warehouse. Sometimes these coil pads are fixed to the floor, but this is not always necessary.

We offer our storage blocks in a variety of dimensions. Chock angles up to 15° allow optimal support for (slit) coils. KLP® Oiltrays usually have a groove in the centre of the product. This allows the drainage of oil which may drip from the coil.

For storage of narrow strip we recommend the use of a steel frame around our coil pads or oiltrays. More information upon request.