BÜLTMANN Internal gripping of tubes

This system is appropriate for drawing not pointed tubes. Single and/or multiple internal gripper systems are used.

Due to manual or automatic quick changing systems the tube drawing machines can either be operated with a standard external drawing gripper or with a tube internal gripper system.


  • The pointing operation is no longer necessary, therefore the tube handling and conveyance as well as additional intermediate storages are eliminated.
  • Material saving because the drawing tag to be cut off is more than 50 % shorter as the standard drawing tag when using the internal gripper system.

Expanderande draglåsning

Double internal gripper system for aluminum and aluminum-alloyed tubes
Expanderande draglåsning
Single internal gripper system for aluminum and aluminum-alloyed tubes, inclusive tube brake
Expanderande draglåsning

Expanderande draglåsning

Product samples

The photos shows some typical samples of tubes which have been drawn by our internal gripper device, partially the tubes have been multiple drawn.