SLF Telescopic dryers

Teleskoptorkar från SLF för mer flexibilitet i produktionen



With our telescopic dryers that can also be designed as movable types you reach unknown flexibility in your production processes.
Telescopic dryers are used in combination with open-space paint spraying systems. They can be delivered in almost all sizes and with a flexible number of telescopic segments and are adapted to your individual requirements.

Enormous gain of space by telescopic dryer technique

During coating works the telescopic dryer can bbe placed in its parking position. This allows you to be very flexible regarding the handling of your workpieces as no disturbing booth walls limit your mobility.
After the coating process the telescopic dryer unfolds over the workpiece to be dried, docks to the circulating and exhaust air system and closes the roll-up doors and then starts the forced drying process with temperatures of up to 80°C.

Differrent types of firing can be used:

Like in our other paint dryer concepts different types of firing can be used in our telescopic dryers.

  • Natural gas via gas surface burner (fired directly or indirectly)
  • Mineral oil
  • Electric heating register
  • Hot steam
  • Pump hot water