BRAUN Convertible abrasive cut-off / cold circular sawing machines

Model TSKS Series


The best of both worlds.  ONE machine for TWO high quality applications.

Cold finishing requires efficient, cost-effective, high-quality cutting of steel and specialty metal tubular and long products.  Carbon steels and other simple steel grades can be economically cut with a carbide-tipped cold saw.  On the other hand, certain specialty metals and other difficult to cut alloys, require an abrasive cut-off machine.  

The new convertible abrasive cut-off/cold sawing machine developed by BRAUN optimally combines both cutting processes in a single, compact machine.  BRAUN's model TSKS gives customers with a diversified product mix the flexibility to perform the right cut for all their products.

Benefits of the BRAUN Convertible Abrasive Cut-Off / Cold Circular Saw

  •        Reduced floor space and equipment costs by combining dry abrasive cutting and cold circular sawing in one machine
  •        Combined advantages of dry cutting and friction cutting (lower cutting costs and easy chip recycling for merchant bar, rebar, steel profiles, etc. where cut quality is less important)
  •        Flexibility - the Model TSFS can be quickly converted between dry abrasive cutting and wet friction sawing modes
  •        Excellent chip removal and saw blade longevity through targeted high-pressure coolant application to the friction saw blade
  •        Superior cut quality and productivity with the cutting head motion via linear bearings, and BRAUN's special vibration isolating and damping machine design
  •        Reliable productivity and toughness delivered by the powerful cutting head drive motor and super heavy-duty gearbox with two reduction ratios (high speed for abrasive cutting and a low back-lash, lower speed output for cold sawing)
  •        Dry abrasive cutting and minimal spray lube for the cold circular saw

Convertible TSKS Models

  •        Model TSKS 12/10 L:
  •        Chop-stroke machine with abrasive cutting wheel/carbide-tipped blade diameter 1250 mm /1000 mm (49" - 39")
  •        Model TSKS 16/12 L:
  •        Chop-stroke machine with abrasive cutting wheel/carbide-tipped blade diameter 1600 mm /1200 mm (63" - 39")