BRAUN Surface grinding machines

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Surface grinding machines

Before a continuously cast, rolled or forged semifinished product of stainless steel can be refined to a high-grade finished product, it must be ensured that the surface is free from cracks, scale or other inclusions.

High-pressure grinding is the most reliable and most efficient way to get clean workpiece surfaces ready for proceessing. It can be applied flexibly for various grinding tasks such as surface grinding, edge grinding or spot grinding.


HP (high-pressure/high-performance) surface grinding

  • the most innovative grinding technology currently available
  • equally perfect for smooth grinding, spot grinding and edge grinding
  • heavy, vibration-reducing design
  • quick-action sensor technology and hydraulic system for automatic adaptation to the workpiece outline during grinding
  • regular material removal during surface grinding
  • grinding head infinitely adjustable in the grinding axis between 90 and 45°
  • grinding pressure adjustable between 50 and 1000 kg
  • extremely powerful driving motor
  • sturdy, high-acceleration grinding carriage; maximum traversing speeds possible
  • maximum removal capacities possible
  • minimum thermal effect on the structure of the ground material
  • minimum noise level
  • fully automatic operation including visualization and data logging
  • clearly arranged and ergonomically designed control cabin
  • chip separation according to grade (e.g. to alloy)

BRAUN - innovation of HP surface grinding

  • selective product innovation in cooperation with the later plant owner
  • continuous and customized product development
  • intensive cooperation with major grinding wheel manufacturers
  • application-specific cooperation with renowned manufacturers of semifinished products (e.g. owners of rolling mills and forges)
  • compete mechanical & electrical engineering by BRAUN
  • in-house fabrication and assembly of all key components
  • team of experienced and dedicated experts
  • know-how developed and continuously extended on the basis of our own experience
  • sound knowledge of overall grinding system (machine - tool - material)
  • complete and customized grinding plants, tailor-made to meet the requirements of our customers