SLF Gantry painting system ReCo-Painter®

SLF ReCo-Painter®, färgsprutningsbås, Spraybås för målning, målningsbås - Robotiserade målningssystem



The ReCo-Painter® has been developed to coat large rectangular components such as box bodies for trailers, containers with small undercuts automatically, reproducibly, efficiently and quickly. Great importance was attached to easy handling and operation of the ReCo-Painter®. The automatic contour detection of the components contributes in particular to this, which eliminates the need for time-consuming programming of the component geometry.
The gantry painting system has three (four) movement axes and can be extended with two additional movement axes so that the double lifting columns can be used independently of each other.
The ReCo-Painter® can be used with water-based paint or solvent-based paint and, depending on the characteristics of the paint material, it can also be used for a "wet-on-wet" coating process. The coating can be applied either at low pressure or at high pressure. Particularly advantageous are the short make-ready times for a colour change due to the travelling decentralized paint supply. Depending on your requirements, an extension to a central paint supply is possible.

SLF färgsprutningsbås, Spraybås för målning, målningsbås - Robotiserade målningssystem, Målningssystem med Robot, Gantry Reco-Painter

Flexible use

The high flexibility is particularly evident in the possibility to carry out the automatic coating process with the ReCo-Painter® as well as the manual coating for a possibly required pre- or post-coating, simultaneously in one booth. The use of lifting work platforms inside the booth for manual coating is also possible, along with the use of the ReCo-Painter® in combined spray and drying booths.
By the way, the ReCo-Painter® can also be integrated into existing booths. Please ask us, we will be happy to check whether this possibility also exists for you.

Advantages of the ReCo-Painter®:

  • Significant reduction of painting times by up to 70%.
  • High coating quality with reproducible constant coating thicknesses.
  • Reproducibility of coating quality.
  • Reduction of paint consumption due to improved application efficiency.
  • Efficient personnel deployment.
  • Short make-ready times - fast colour changes possible.