BÜLTMANN Pointing machines

Combined pointing systems HAM/PH

Combined folding tag pointer and push-pointer for flexible pointing of thickwalled and thinwalled tubes.

Push-in device (Push-Pointer)

 Push-in device for copper tubes Triple push-in device for steel bars
Bültmann push-pointer is appropriate for the pushing-in of tubes, bars and sections in on- or off-line operation. Simple or multiple push-in devices are used.


Pull-off device (Pull-Pointer)

Bültmann pull-pointer is appropriate for the pointing of tubes, bars and sections in on- or off-line operation if pushing-in is not suitable.


Product sample for Pointing Systems


Folding tag pointers

A new generation of pointing machines

New pointing machine, type HAM 150, in block design, with half the tool changing time; strokes and working pressures are pre-selectable at the control desk and can be saved relative to tube diameter.


Folding tag pointers

Folding tag pointing machine with feed unit
Folding tag pointing machines

Bültmann folding tag machines are used for producing folding drawing tags and are characterised by:

  • Quick working manner
  • Low cost tooling
  • Robust, long-life design
  • Quick tool change

The especially compact shape of the tag facilitates the following safe gripping of tube e.g.
in a drawing process by the gripper of the drawing carriage, and thus the automatic charging and drawing operation.

Ancillary equipment for Folding tag pointers:

Automatic feeding; plug inserting device; dimpling device, internal and external lubrication system, electronic stroke limitation.

Product samples for Folding tag pointers

The pictures show product samples of Bültmann folding tag pointer.