BEHRINGER Semi-automatic bandsaws HBE and HBP

Semi-automatic bandsaws for individual cuts

The affordable combination of high cutting output and simple handling.

Precision for individualists

The all-rounders from Behringer. These are marchines which should not be missing from any workshop. Any producer with different sawing jobs to perform, will achieve perfect and primarily also cost-effective results with these semi-automatic bandsaws. These models are the optimum solution for economical processing of low piece numbers and one-off cuts.You can rely on accurate and rapid cuts in easy to difficult to cut materials. Added benefits: Optimum accessibility ensures extreme handling simplicity directly at the machines. And these models also lend themselves ideally to integration into existing sawing lines.

Universal and flexible

The BEHRINGER semi-automatic machine range is as flexible as your requirements. These machines are suitable for everything from dividing pipes and profiles to solid material with difficult machining properties. Their rigid, torsionally-resistant and low-vibration sawing frames in a stable cast design and backlash-free pre-tensioned quadruple guides ensure optimum sawing results. The BEHRINGER cutting pressure control system supplied as a standard feature permits either a constant cutting feed during the sawing of solid material, or force-dependent automatic adjustment of the cutting feed when sawing pipes and profiles. It guarantees economy coupled with high cutting performance while taking optimum care of the bandsaw blade.

Semi-automatic variants

In the BEHRINGER semi-automatic models, the material is positioned by eye, for instance with the aid of a line laser. For longer cut piece lengths, we recommend using a measuring device for precise positioning.


Where larger cut-off lengths are required, we recommend the use of a measurement device for precise positioning of the material. Used in conjunction with infeed and outfeed peripheral devices such as roller conveyors and transverse transport devices, the degree of automation can be increased to achieve added streamlining effects.


Frequency controlled saw driveBlade guiding elements in grey cast ironVertical clamping unit

Technical Data

ModelCutting range
90° round90° flat W x H
HBE320-523320520 x 320
HBP430430430 x 430
HBP530530700 x 530
HBP530-11045301100 x 500
HBP610610610 x 610
HBP800800800 x 800
HBP800-12018001200 x 800
HBP100010001000 x 1000

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BEHRINGER Bandsaw HBE320-523

Cutting range 90° Round (mm) : 320
Cutting range 90° Flat W x H (mm) : 520 x 320


Cutting range 90° Round (mm) : 430
Cutting range 90° Flat W x H (mm) : 430 x 430


Cutting range 90° Round (mm) : 530
Cutting range 90° Flat W x H (mm) : 700 x 530


Cutting range 90° Round (mm) : 610
Cutting range 90° Flat W x H (mm) : 610 x 610


Cutting range 90° Round (mm) : 800
Cutting range 90° Flat W x H (mm) : 800 x 800

BEHRINGER Bandsaw HBP800-1201

Cutting range 90° Round (mm) : 800
Cutting range 90° Flat W x H (mm) : 1200 x 800


Cutting range 90° Round (mm) : 1000
Cutting range 90° Flat W x H (mm) : 1000 x 1000

BEHRINGER Bandsaw HBP530-1104

Cutting range 90° Round (mm) : 530
Cutting range 90° Flat W x H (mm) : 1100 x 500