BEHRINGER High-Performance Production Band Saws HBE Performance Series

Behringer Bandsåg

High-Performance Automatic Bandsaws HBE Performance Series

Performance when it matters

Their particularly robust design and the consistent use of vibration-damping grey cast iron components make them ideally suited for rough use in the steel trade, industry and metal production. With its standard features such as auto-feed control with servo-feed system, continuous monitoring of cutting forces, efficient chip removal and saw band cleaning, its precise gantry-type guide system and accurate material feed, it offers a powerful overall package.



Technical Data

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BEHRINGER HBE663A Performance

Cutting range 90° round (mm) : 660
Cutting range 90° flat (W x H in mm) : 710x660

BEHRINGER HBE1060A Performance

Cutting range 90° round (mm) : 1060
Cutting range 90° flat (mm) : 1060 x 1060

BEHRINGER HBE560A Performance

Cutting range 90° round (mm) : 560
Cutting range 90° flat (mm) : 560 x 560

BEHRINGER HBE860A Performance

Cutting range 90° round (mm) : 860
Cutting range 90° flat (mm) : 860 x 860