HICON/H₂ Bell annealer for steel strip

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HICON/H2 bell annealer for steel strip.

The technology that revolutionized the heat treatment of steel strip coils.

Today, HICON/H2 is internationally known as a synonym for excellence in quality, productivity and lowest production costs. But it is undoubtedly the exceptional quality of steel coils annealed in 100 % hydrogen which has made HICON/H2 technology so successful.

Through intensive collaboration with partners in the industry, EBNER is able to tailor each HICON/H2 bell annealer to each customer’s needs. New solutions, new products and the optimization of existing processes are all supported.

Thanks to continual technological advances by EBNER‘s R&D department, HICON/H2 bell annealers achieve shortest possible annealing and cooling times while simultaneously keeping operating costs low. Customers in more than 45 countries worldwide are profiting from this technology and its value-for-money as they boost efficiency.

The facility can be implemented to comply with the standards required by the automotive industry, in accordance with CQI-9 (AIAG).


The types of steel that can be annealed in bell annealers range from low-carbon deep-drawing grades (including IF) to high strength microalloy steels (including BH) and high alloy steels. The bright annealing of cold-rolled high-alloy ferritic or martensitic Cr steels is only possible with HICON/H2 bell annealer furnace technology.


  • Soft steels as per EN 10130 (DC01 – DC06)
  • High-strength steels as per EN 10268 (microalloy, rephos., BH)
  • ULC steel grades
  • Tin plate (TS230– TS415) as per EN 10205
  • Non-grain-oriented electrical steel strip as per EN 10165/10126
  • Carbon steels (low/high-alloy)
  • Clad steel strip
  • High-alloy Cr steel strip


  • Alloyed and high-alloy carbon steels
  • Ferritic and martensitic Cr steels as per EN 10088/2

Charge dimensions.

  • Coil diameters up to 2700 mm
  • Stacking heights up to 7000 mm (including convector plates)
  • Charge weights up to 200 t


Värmebehandling Stålindustri

Värmebehandling Stålindustri

Värmebehandling Stålindustri