Storage systems

Lankhorst Mouldings produces a wide range of both single and multi-layer coil storage systems, that will improve the safety of your coil storage warehouse tremendously. Among others, our product range includes coil pads, coil saddles, coil blocks, coil mats, coil cradles, coil wedges and the turn-key KLP® Roll Stop System.

Whether you want to store hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized, painted or tin-plate (slit) coils, whether you want to store them single level or up to two or three levels - there is always a Lankhorst Mouldings coil storage system that will fit your situation.

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KLP® Coil Carrier Connect

The KLP® Coil Carrier Connect has been developed by Tata Steel Holland, P.T.C. Logistics and Lankhorst Mouldings. P.T.C. transports coils for Tata Steel with river barges, using the vast Dutch and Western European river network. They carry coils from Tata Steel works to customers, whereas the return ship concerns other cargo (like bulk products). Therefore P.T.C. was looking for a sustainable coil storage system that can easily be installed and removed from the ship’s cargo bay, replacing their old-fashioned wooden chocks.

KLP® Coilcarrier

Reusable heavy duty carriers for safe and protected transport of your coils. The KLP® 4-way Coil Carrier was developed as a reusable carrier for transport of coils with a horizontal axis. It was designed in such a way that a forklift truck may enter from four directions.

KLP® CoilWedge System

KLP® CoilWedge System combines advantages of both RollStops and Storageblocks. It offers the same flexibility as the RollStop System for coil diameters and at the same time maximum flexibility for all coil widths, similar to the Storageblocks and traditional Coilwedges. The long wedged beams offer safe and flexible storage for wide coils and also for narrower or even (bundled) slit coils

KLP® Coilwedges

KLP® Coilwedges are shaped beams with an angle of 30°. These coil mat wedges were specifically designed for the storage of slit coils

KLP® PipeStop System

Based on the experience with our KLP® RollStop System, Lankhorst has developed the KLP® PipeStop System. This Pipe Storage System consists of a steel reinforced rail with notches and blocks (the Pipe Stops), which can be placed at different distances from each other, depending on the pipe diameter.

KLP® Rollblocks

The Rollblock System from KLP® offers coil storage that is both safe and flexible. Rollblocks have to be placed into standard UNP-channels.These coil blocks have no fixed position; they can be moved depending on the diameter of the coil - ideal if you have a variety of small and large coils

KLP® RollCradle System

The RollCradle System from KLP® consists of a reinforced plastic rail with notches and blocks (Roll Cradles) which can be placed at different distances from each other, depending on the coil diameter.

KLP® Rollpallets

The rounded-off solution for coil transport The KLP® Rollpallet® was designed to improve means of transport and storage of coils with the eye to the sky. Standard sized roll pallets are suitable for coils with diameters ranging from 940 mm to 1760 mm diameter.

KLP® RollStop System

Developed back in 2005, today already our most popular coil storage system chosen by all major steel companies world wide. It is a turn-key storage system offering maximum flexibility and maximum safety. Coils may be stored up to three levels. The KLP® Roll Stop System consists of four simple components: rail, connector, spacer and RollStop - this allows a very simple installation on-site.

KLP® Slitcoilcarriers

In close co-operation with several European steel service centres, Lankhorst has developed a one-piece plastic Slitcoilcarrier; an innovative alternative for the transport of slit coils 'eye-to-the-sky'. Many European service centres are constantly searching for cost savings in their logistics