For users of shot-blasting technology (surface technology) AGTOS are offering sophisticated and efficient long-term solutions as well as comprehensive service features.
These include new shot blast machines, also as custom solution. Used blasting machines can be adapted to specific solutions and therefore production bottlenecks and delivery times can be overcome.
AGTOS service includes spare and wear parts as well as repair and maintenance work on blasting machines of many manufacturers. 

AGTOS range of blasting machines

AGTOS turbine-wheel shot blast machine is used for treatment of mainly metallic surfaces. This includes the derusting, descaling, desanding, or deburring of the work pieces. Other uses are hardening of surfaces (shot peening), finish blasting of sensitive parts and roughening of surfaces for coating. The various AGTOS blasting machines are used in various industries. 

In respect to the method of transportation of the work pieces the turbine-wheel shot blasting machine can be divided into the following types:

AGTOS Machines

Hanger-type blast machine

AGTOS Machines

Continuous overhead rail shot blast machine 

AGTOS Machines

Wire mesh conveyor shot blast machine

Rubber belt tumble blast machine



Roller conveyor blast machine



Satellite rotary table blast machine


Diabolo blast machine


Drum blast machine


Concrete blast machine

Steel mill tumble blast machine



Walking beam shot blast machine



Used blast machines


AGTOS Service

Maintaining blasting machines poses particular challenges for users. The abrasive effect of the blasting media can quickly lead to severe damage to machines.
It is important to us that your machines keep running. That is why we offer different services that help you with your daily work.
Experienced in-house and field technicians answer questions and solve problems.
You receive the best possible support due to the combination of knowledgeable office staff and flexible service technicians.


 AGTOS Machines

 AGTOS Machines


Wheelblasting machines from the AGTOS factory and other manufacturers are professionally inspected. The results along with recommendations for further actions are provided to our customers in an easy to understand form.

 AGTOS Machines

Spare parts

The effects caused by the abrasive on the surfaces of the work pieces are also noticeable within the blast machine. This is the case in every shot blast machine. Therefore, the maintenance and adjustment of the blast machine is essential for securing the investment.

AGTOS Machines 


AGTOS installation technicians have experience in repairing wheelblasting machines from several manufacturers. The necessary replacement and wear and tear parts are often available from stock.