AGTOS High Performance Turbines

Thursday, February 17, 2022

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AGTOS High Performance Turbines

AGTOS high performance turbines have blasting wheels provided with six throwing blades locked into one side of the wheel disc.
The single-disc wheel offers the following advantages:

Advantages of single-disc wheels over double-disc wheels

• Very rapid assembly without any special tools
Less wear parts due to 6 instead of 8 or more throwing blades, no spacer bolts, and no second disc element
High performance – due to high abrasive throughput
– due to reduced vortexing of the
blasting compound
– due to reduced vortexing of the
blasting compound
Design improvements optimising the flow within the turbine.

Product data sheet

Read more on AGTOS High Performance Turbines and download the product data sheet. 

Check out the video on the assembly of AGTOS Turbines 




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