Automatic Plate Bandsaw
Cutting height: 600 mm
Cutting width: 1,600 mm
Automatic operation
Manufacturer: BEHRINGER GmbH
SKU: VPS60-160A
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Highest efficiency in cross-cutting plates and blocks

The automatic plate saw VPS60-160A is BEHRINGER's solution when it comes to fully automatic cross-cutting of large plates and blocks. The vertical arrangement of the saw band has clear advantages over the horizontal design, as the engagement length of the saw band is significantly shorter. As a result, the cross cutting plate saw offers significantly higher cutting capacities while at the same time reducing tool costs. Thanks to their robust basic design and high-performance components, the automatic plate saws of the VPS series are designed for demanding applications in the steel trade, industry and metal production. From non-ferrous metals and aluminum to simple work steels and difficult-to-cut materials such as Inconel or titanium. Their modular design allows the cross cutting plate saw to be individually adapted to the customer's application.