BRAUN Solutions for conditioning and inspection lines

With the ability to quickly, precisely and cost-effectivly cut all material grades - up to the hardest and most highly alloyed materials - the abrasive cut-off machine offers great advantages for end product near fields of application.

Application Examples

Model TS 16 L abrasive cut-off machine (linear cutting head) for cold cuttingbCutting bundles of squared bars
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Cooling bed in the outlet area of a model TS 16 L abrasive cut-off machine

Billet inspection line with model TS 8 W abrasive cut-off machine

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Conditioning line for drilling bars with model TS 6 L abrasive cut-off machineFacility with model TS 8 W abrasive cut-off machine for single bars or narrow layers of bars
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Model TS 8 V chop-stroke abrasive cut-off machine (vertical rocker) for peeled barsWhen cutting in the conditioning line - whether standalone systems or
integrated in process lines - flexibility, speed and high cutting quality are essential.
BRAUN supplies tailor-made complete solutions.