BRAUN Solutions for cutting slab, plate and sheet

Abrasive cutting is suitable for cutting flat products at any temperature.
Moreover, abrasive cutting is fast, precise, accurate, and effective for steel alloys as well as special metals and super alloys.

Application Examples

Model TS 12 FP gantry-type traverse abrasive cut-off machine
for wide panel sheets

Gantry-type traverse abrasive cut-off machine TS 12 FP
in the outlet of the hot rolling mill

Lösningar för valsverk

Model TS 20 FPS Abrasive cut-off machine - amongst others
for cutting of wide flat forgings

Hot cutting of a flat workpiece
Lösningar för valsverk
From an accurately matching integration of the traverse abrasive cut-off machine
into an existing rolling mill up to complex overall facilities: BRAUN supplies tailor-made complete solutions.