BRAUN Solutions for forging

In forging operations, the removal of the unclean ends and the cutting to length are ideally carried out while the workpiece is still hot.
Therefore - and because of the high cutting speed and the perfect cutting quality - the abrasive cut-off machine is the solution of choice.

Application Examples

Model TS 18 W chop-stroke abrasive cut-off machine
(horizontal rocker) after radial forging machine

Model TS 20 L chop-stroke abrasive cut-off machine
(linear cutting head) with scrap and sample collection above mill floor

Lösningar för valsverk

Model TS 12 W chop-stroke abrasive cut-off machine
(horizontal rocker) with cooling bed for cut bars

Model TS 20 FPS combined abrasive cut-off machine for chop-stroke,
traverse and index cutting with chanrging carriage after open-die forging press
Lösningar för valsverk
Flat forging during cutting (model TS 20 FPS abrasive cut-off machine)Model TS 16 W chop-stroke abrasive cut-off machine for forged railway axles
(with system for measuring and positioning of axles)
Lösningar för valsverk
Irrespective of the forging process (radial forging machine or open die forging press),
as well as the shape and cross section of the forged product,
BRAUN has the right machine type and tailor-made cutting solution - including the entire material handling system.