BRAUN Solutions for tube mills

For cutting large, heavy-walled seamless tubes and stainless steel tubes, abrasive cuttng is the preferred technical solution.
Cutting is fast, precise, smooth, and essentially burr-free.

Application Examples

Rotary cutting abrasive cutting facility TS 12 FR
for large-scale seamless tubes
bRotary devices for large-scale seamless tubes
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Rotary-cut tube end
Facility with model TS 8 W chop-stroke abrasive cut-off machine for seamless tubes
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Model TS 6 WR abrasive cutting facility for rotary cutting or stainless steel tubes
Abrasive cutting facility TS 6 WR for rotary cutting (panorama view)
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To achieve an optimum utilization of the cutting wheel
large diameter tubes are being evenly rotated during the cutting process (rotary cutting)