LANKHORST CoilWedge system RS100

Diameter coils: 727-2500 mm
Coil width: 1200 mm or 1500 mm (depending on choice of CoilWedge-chocks) Wider coils if the coil is aligned in the centre of the CoilWedges
Max load: 80 tons
Temperatures: up to 60 °C
Chock angle: 21°
For stacking up to 2 levels

A complete CoilWedge RS100 system consists of the components:
CoilWedge-chock 120/45 or 150/45 (depending on coil width)
Rail RS100
Steel connector RS100
EndCap RS100

For assistance in calculating a CoilWedge RS100 system specifically adapted to your warehouse, please contact our sales team
Manufacturer: Lankhorst Mouldings